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This kit includes the electronics, battery, air propulsion system, survey grade antenna and GPS receiver board, and software needed to turn a foam-based surfboard, bodyboard, or standup paddleboard into an AMOS autonomous surface vessel. For quick start instructions please see: AMOS QuickStart Instructions. Instructions for the AMOS Remote, AMOS-IMU, AMOS-AirProp, ADS1115-BRVG, and the WeatherBox-CAM can be found here:


Note: The kit comes with a solar charge controller, and plugged cable glands for connections to a 12 V, 100 W solar panel, but does not include the solar panel or solar panel cables. 

AMOS Board Kit

SKU: AMOSBoardKit01
  • Guaranteed against defects in workmanship for a period of 1 year after delivery. 

    • Navigation: PX1122R-EVB : PX1122R MULTI-BAND QUAD-GNSS RTK evaluation board with survey-grade antenna. 
    • Typical GPS accuracy: +/- 2.5 m
    • Typical GPS resolution: +/- 0.3 m
    • Typical GPS accuracy with RTK correction: +/- 1 m
    • Typical GPS resolution with RTK correction: +/- 0.01 m
    • Direction: AMOS-IMU module. 
    • Directional Heading accuracy: +/- 10 deg
    • Directional Heading precision: +/- 0.1 deg
    • Battery voltage: Lithium Iron Phospate 12V 10 AH (larger batteries available). NOTE: International shipments may require replacement with a 12 V 9 AH sealed lead acid battery, due to air-shipping safety regulations. Local options for purchasing Lithium-based batteries may also be available, please contact In Nature Robotics for details.
    • Maximum air propeller thrust: 12 N (2.7 lbs).
    • Raspberry Pi 3B+ processor
    • Communications: 2 x AMOS Remote units, approximate wireless range of 500 m with 3 dB antenna
    • Visual camera: Raspberry Pi v2  (3280 x 2464 pixels) enclosed in WeatherBox. 
    • Storage: 32 GByte SD card.
    • Analog Inputs: Four 16-bit (expandable to sixteen) and six 12-bit. 
    • Digital I/O: 10 Raspberry Pi I/O lines configurable as inputs or outputs. 
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