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This package combines the AMOS Board Kit (, a Renogy 100 W waterproof solar panel ( ), and a Helix 5 G2 fish finder with depth transducer and hardware and software connection interfaces to the AMOS Board Kit. This makes it possible to collect and save depth and temperature data from the transducer at a 1 Hz rate on the AMOS computer. 

AMOS Board Kit With Helix 5 Fish Finder / Depth Sensor and Solar Panel

SKU: AMOSBoardKit02
  • Guaranteed against defects in workmanship for a period of 1 year after delivery. 

    • Navigation: PX1122R-EVB : PX1122R MULTI-BAND QUAD-GNSS RTK evaluation board with survey-grade antenna. 
    • Typical GPS accuracy: +/- 2.5 m
    • Typical GPS resolution: +/- 0.3 m
    • Typical GPS accuracy with RTK correction: +/- 1 m
    • Typical GPS resolution with RTK correction: +/- 0.01 m
    • Direction: AMOS-IMU module. 
    • Directional Heading accuracy: +/- 10 deg
    • Directional Heading precision: +/- 0.1 deg
    • Battery voltage: Lithium Iron Phospate 12V 10 AH (larger batteries available). NOTE: International shipments may require replacement with a 12 V 9 AH sealed lead acid battery, due to air-shipping safety regulations. Local options for purchasing Lithium-based batteries may also be available, please contact In Nature Robotics for details.
    • Maximum air propeller thrust: 12 N (2.7 lbs).
    • Raspberry Pi 3B+ processor
    • Communications: 2 x AMOS Remote units, approximate wireless range of 500 m with 3 dB antenna
    • Visual camera: Raspberry Pi v2  (3280 x 2464 pixels) enclosed in WeatherBox. 
    • Storage: 32 GByte SD card.
    • Analog Inputs: Four 16-bit (expandable to sixteen) and six 12-bit. 
    • Digital I/O: 10 Raspberry Pi I/O lines configurable as inputs or outputs. 
    • Depth resolution of fish finder: 0.1 m
    • Temperature resolution of sensor on fish finder transducer: 0.1 deg C.
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