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AMOS Software Update Instructions

1. Turn on AMOS
2. Start the BoatCaptain PC software
3. Click the 'Preferences | Connection' menu item.
4. Choose the connection method for which AMOS is currently configured, i.e. either 
Direct Link (wireless serial) or Internet / Network Link, and then click 'OK' to connect.
Internet / Network Link is recommended for a faster update process. If you need to switch
AMOS to use an Internet / Network Link, do the following after connecting:
   i) Click the 'File | Remote AMOS program info' menu item.
   ii) In the 'Program command line parameters' field at the bottom of the dialog, 
       enter: or if you have modified the default IP address of AMOS, 
       enter that instead.
        iii) Click the 'OK' button and wait a few seconds for AMOS to get the new setting.
         iV) Power down AMOS, close the BoatCaptain software, wait a few seconds, then 
        power it up again, and wait for the AMOS access point to become available. Once it is            available, connect to it and repeat steps 1 to 4, but this time in step 4 choose the
        Internet / Network Link option with the AMOS IP address previously entered, 
        and the default port number value of 81.
5. Click the 'File | Update AMOS' menu item.
6. Use the default settings in the 'Update AMOS Software' dialog (Port Number = 22) and 
browse for the AMOS update .zip file downloaded from In Nature Robotics. If you have 
modified the username / password of AMOS, you will need to enter those non-default 
values as well. 
7. Click the 'Do Update' button. It may take a bit of time to re-build the software on 
AMOS. You will be instructed to restart the BoatCaptain software.You will also need to
wait for AMOS to reboot itself. Once you hear the startup sequence of beeps from the 
propeller, you will know that it has rebooted with the new software. Then you can re-start
the BoatCaptain software and connect to AMOS to use it normally. 

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