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Product Manuals and Videos


AMOS Quickstart Instructions

AMOS Assembly Instructions

AMOS Assembly Videos

AMOS Software Testing Videos

2. ADS1115-BRVG

ADS1115BRVG Instruction Manual

ADS1115 Datasheet

Raspberry Pi and Arduino sample code & libraries for the ADS1115-BRVG


AMOS-IMU Instruction Manual

Additional AMOS-IMU documentation and application notes

Raspberry Pi and Arduino sample code & libraries for the AMOS-IMU

4. WeatherBox and WeatherBox-CAM

WeatherBox and WeatherBox-CAM instruction manual. 

5. AMOS-AirProp

AMOS-AirProp Instruction Manual

Raspberry Pi sample code & libraries

DFR0065 Datasheet

HM10 Bluetooth Model Datasheet

RF220SU 24G Transceiver Datasheet 1

RF220SU 24G Transceiver Datasheet 2

6. AMOS Remote

AMOS Remote Manual

DFR0065 Schematic

7. Sensor Manuals 

Temperature / Conductivity Probe Installation 

pH Probe Manual 

pH Probe Manual (Atlas Scientific)

UV Xchange™ User Manual 

Turner Designs Cyclops Series 7F Probes

Software Downloads

BoatCaptain PC Software

BoatCaptain PC Software Reference Manual

AMOS Robot Software


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