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Ready For a Water Test

The last couple of days have been warmer than usual, so hopefully it will soon be time to try out AMOS Orange in some actual water. A more solid, stainless steel mounting post for the GPS antenna was substituted for the 3-D printed version that had been used previously, and some wiring was completed to add humidity / temperature sensors and a solar power level circuit.

For now, the interior of the boat is just filled with scrap pieces of pink insulation foam:

as a precaution in case the hull gets punctured.

The conductivity / temperature probe arrived this week from AML Oceanographic, and a software driver for capturing the data has been written already. I've also started writing a test application to try it out. It just uses a simple RS-232 serial connection, so I'll hookup a USB-RS232 to the AMOS computer for it.

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