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The Camera Ribbon-Cable Extender can be used to provide a water-tight cable guide for a Raspberry Pi camera ribbon cable. Standard lengths up to 80 cm long are available. Custom lengths are also available upon request. The Camera Ribbon-Cable Extender includes all of the fittings required to provide a tight seal to an electronics enclosure at the top end, and a WeatherBox at the bottom end. The top end is an IP68-rated NPT 3/4" cable gland. The bottom end has an o-ring seal and a threaded female end that is designed to mate with the WeatherBox camera enclosure. The WeatherBox seen in the picture here is sold separately and is NOT included. 

Camera Ribbon-Cable Extender

SKU: CabExtend
    • Tube Lengths: Choice of 30 cm to 80 cm. Custom tube lengths available upon request.
    • Weight: 100 g
    • Top cable gland: NPT 3/4", IP-68 rated
    • Tube thickness: 3.5 mm
    • Tube color: translucent, light-blue
    • Tube material: PVC


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