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Product Highlights

  • LIDAR-Lite 3 Laser Rangefinder High Performance (LLV3HP)
  • Compact 53mm x 33mm x 24mm module with 40m measuring range
  • Sturdy IPX7-rated housing for drone, robot or unmanned vehicle applications
  • User configurability allows adjustment between accuracy, operating range and measurement time
  • Communicates via I2C and PWM
  • Low power consumption; requires less than 85 milliamps during acquisition


The LIDAR-Lite 3 Laser Rangefinder High Performance (LLV3HP) is the ideal high-performance optical ranging solution for drone, robot or unmanned vehicle applications. The sensor is housed in a durable, IPX7- rated housing and includes all the core features and user configurability of the popular LIDAR-Lite v3. This easy-to-use 40 meter laser-based sensor is ideal for use in outdoor or harsh operating environments. Updates to our proprietary signal processing approach and hardware improvements have resulted in a sensor with improved performance and accuracy, making it the best choice for applications where a high-performance, rugged ranging sensor is required.


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LIDAR-Lite 3 Laser Rangefinder High Performance (LLV3HP) by Garmin

    • Unit dimensions: 24.5 x 53.5 x 33.5 mm (1.0 x 2.1 x 1.3 in)
    • Weight: 34 g (1.2 oz)
    • Water rating:  IPX7
    • Resolution: 1 cm
    • Typical accuracy: +/- 2.5cm at distances greater than 2 meters (Refer to operating manual for complete operating specifications)
    • Range: 5 cm to 40 meters 
    • Update rate: Greater than 1 kHz  
    • Interface: I2C or PWM
    • Power (operating voltage): 4.75-5 VDC; 6 V Max 
    • Current consumption:  65ma idle; 85ma during acquisition  
    • Operating temperature: -20 to 60° C
    • Laser wave length/Peak power: 905 nm/1.3 W
    • Beam divergence: 8mRadian
    • Optical aperture: 12.5 mm
    • Regulatory approvals: CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT CLASSIFIED EN/IEC 60825-1 2014. This product is in conformity with performance standards for laser products under 21 CFR 1040, except with respect to those characteristics authorized by Variance Number FDA-2016-V-2943 effective September 27, 2016. System contains no user serviceable components. Repair or service of the system is only to be handled by factory trained technicians. No service by the user is allowed.
  • Guaranteed for one year against defects in workmanship.

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